RIO training – 2021 – Week 43 – Production systems integration


Training – Production systems integration


November 26-29 2021

Production systems embed a lot of heterogeneous robots (robotic arms, AGV), transportation systems (conveyors, rail systems), and other devices (automatons, cameras). All these elements need to be integrated together and coordinated using Discrete Event Control models so as to satisfy the production and quality objectives.

This 3 days training details the methodology and the basic ingredients required to ensure the good coordination of the whole production systems. It also addresses the specific problem of the integration of AGVs. The production system of the AIP-PRIMECA technological platform will serve as an experimental environment aiming at the implementation of a basic production scenario. The training will also show the benefits of fast prototyping and powerful environments like ROS and some compatible production simulation tools.

The official training language will be French. All provided documents will also be in French.

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